Dread Sonnets is Up!

Hello all,

Dread Sonnets, my book of horror poetry, is now up on Amazon. You should be able to find it in any of the Amazon websites; I checked a few sites and saw that it was on the US, UK, Italy, and Germany versions of Amazon. I did not see it on Amazon Canada for some reason, however. I’m hoping it will be forthcoming or that my Canadian readers can buy from the US site. The book is currently $0.99, £0.77, and 0.89 euros, depending on where you live. However, if you would like to get a free copy of the book, and who wouldn’t, I will be giving it away for free for three days, starting this Sunday. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and literate pets. If you do buy and read the book, please post a customer review on Amazon because a few good reviews could mean the difference between selling a hundred ebooks or selling none. The book is also available on Amazon’s lending library if you have Amazon Prime, which means you can borrow it for free even after the free giveaway. If you’re wondering why I’m giving Dread Sonnets away for free, I’m doing it out of the altruistic goodness of my heart…and because every ebook downloaded or borrowed causes it to rise in the search rankings; the higher it is in the rankings, the larger the audience I can reach. I hope you all enjoy the book.

~ by vincentwolfram on October 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Dread Sonnets is Up!”

  1. Sounds great buddy, congrats!!

  2. Purchased – Will give it a look-see once I get home and have my Kindle ready

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