Some Changes

Hello all,

I’ll be restucturing this site soon to start including my creative writing along with the movie reviews. I’ve been running a separate site, Dread Sonnets, for a while, but it doesn’t get all that many hits and I haven’t been writing regularly for it. I’ve decided to shift my poetry and occasional forays into fiction from Dread Sonnets over here. I figure that it’s best to put all my writing in one spot; in the event that I build a big enough web presence that people want to find me and my work, they will only have to look one place for everything I do. It will make The Abyssal Vault a little more eclectic, but I’m hoping that will add to The Vault’s charm.

So this post doesn’t seem like a completely useless update, here’s a short poem I wrote the other day. Enjoy.


The tenor
Of her voice into
Discrete chunks. You’ll find a mess
Of blood threnody, a piquant note,
Strident in the night air. What she wrote
Over silence is no less
Than violence and blue

It’s never
Thought through: quiet,
Internal riot


~ by vincentwolfram on November 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Some Changes”

  1. I downloaded your book, though I haven’t delved into them yet. Glad you’re consolidating and hope you post more! I’m thinking of posting some creative writing soon as well, but I need some more prep time.

    • Glad to hear you’ll be reading the collection at some point. I’m just happy that it’s being read at all; horror poetry is a tiny, almost nonexistent niche. And I’d be happy to read your creative writing, whenever you post it.

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