Sex Galaxy; or, Back and Classier than Ever


Hello all. I’m back from a long hiatus. I spent some time back in Texas with family and ate extremely well over the holidays. Now it’s time to drag my corpulent frame back to computer and begin reviewing those wonderful films we all so love. Without further ado, I return to movie reviewing on a classy note with Sex Galaxy.

We seem to be living in an era of remixes. You probably already know about remixed music but what about remixed books? Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, and Anna Karenina have all been mashed up with horror and sci fi to make Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Little Vampire Women, and Android Karenina respectively. We’ve even seen it in films like Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, a couple of awesome comedies that insert actors into old movies to create a new story. To some, this may seem like one more sign that society, Hollywood in particular, has run out of good ideas; all we can do is harvest from the classics. True, the whole remakes/reboots/3D versions business is getting old and we could always use new ideas in a place as stale as mainstream Hollywood, but remixes create something new out of that which is old, breathing new life into that which is staid. Remixes look backward for inspiration and in today’s novelty obsessed society that might not be such a bad thing. In any case, I can’t find fault with a movie like Sex Galaxy for remixing old films, especially old sci fi, into a bizarre, raunchy comedy. Any film that can pay homage to B-movies and dick jokes at the same time is a step in the right direction.
As a general rule I abhor comparisons to Inception because the whole “X within an X” has been done hundreds of times before– think any story within a story or play within a play – but even I couldn’t help crying Inception when I learned that Sex Galaxy is largely created from three movies that share the same footage. Planeta Bur is a Russian film about a group of astronauts who explore a planet full of dinosaurs and monsters but have to regroup and escape an erupting volcano. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet was an American film that used all the Planeta Bur footage plus a few more scenes with Americans actors and dubbing in English. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women uses the footage and English dubbing from Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, but adds some scenes with alien women in bikinis and a subplot about the women using their powers over nature to destroy the astronauts. Sex Galaxy in turn takes footage from those films, as well as others, dubs over the dialogue again, and creates a new story about two astronauts and a rich investor who go to Mars to fix a plumbing problem and then travel to the Sex Galaxy to meet loose alien women. It’s particularly fitting that a film that has been cut up, redubbed, and added to as many times as Planeta Bur should be used for Sex Galaxy, though Sex Galaxy largely eschews its story and the stories of Planeta Bur’s successors. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that Sex Galaxy is the Inception of movies.
Cool concept aside, Sex Galaxy is a raunchy comedy about three desperately horny men trying to ditch work and visit the Sex Galaxy where there are slutty alien babes. Since sex before marriage and porn have been outlawed on Earth because of overpopulation and global warming (or something), the men are understandably desperate and they play the “all men are perverts” stereotype to its logical conclusion for the sake of comedy. The crew consists of Billie, the idealistic young man looking to sow his wild oats before marrying his fiancée, Grayson, Billie’s mentor and a man bitter about the married life, and Big Ben, a rich Southern investor who’s along for the ride for some reason. All three men engage in long bouts of filthy puns that quickly become absurd. For me at least, that’s a great deal of this film’s appeal. Those of you who were expecting a porno will be disappointed, as there’s only brief nudity and no sex. I too might have been disappointed by the fact that a film called Sex Galaxy contains no sex if not for the film’s ultimate moral, which is a piss take on arguments about the sanctity of marriage and abstinence before marriage. I would recommend Sex Galaxy for fans of cheesy sci fi and inappropriate, blue comedy. That’s a small niche, but for a few of you, this film will be perfect.

This film is on Netflix.

~ by vincentwolfram on January 22, 2013.

10 Responses to “Sex Galaxy; or, Back and Classier than Ever”

  1. So glad you are back!

    And I prefer to reference the Scream movies rather than Inception for all things meta.

    • I watched Scream for the first time several months ago. Don’t ask me how I went so long without seeing it. It still holds up as a great movie and the meta commentary is still funnier and more dead on than in most of the parodies of slasher films I’ve seen.

  2. This sounds fantastic. I haven’t seen Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, but I adore Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. This one sounds like it should be in my collection. Loose alien women are the best kind.

    • If you have Netflix, Sex Galaxy is there for the watching. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid is kind of a parody of film noir with Steve Martin playing as the lead detective interacting with characters in scenes taken from various noir films. The funniest scene I remember is when Steve Martin is having a conversation with Humphrey Bogart over the phone.

  3. Welcome back Vic 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great review! Always nice to read some intelligent criticism about cheap sex movies. – Mike, director of Sex Galaxy

  5. I’d love to, thanks! We have a new ‘green’ movie called “President Wolfman” on the festival circuit now that will be unleashed on DVD this summer.

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