There are countless times I’ve watched bad movies and thought to myself, “This would be better if they just cut out all the expository crap and only left the action sequences and monsters.” Even in Godzilla films, which I think are awesome in general, I find myself wishing that the pesky humans would quit flapping their gums to dubbed dialogue and make way for Godzilla and his kaiju companions to tear up Tokyo or battle each other or, ideally, both. Zombiethon seems to have the ideal solution: compile the sequences involving monsters and scantily clad women together from several movies and leave out the distracting story. It takes clips from Fulci’s Zombie (also called Zombi 2), Zombie Lake, Oasis of the Zombies, Fear, The Invisible Dead, A Virgin Among the Dead, and The Astro-Zombies, mostly European zombie films as the title Zombiethon would suggest. Interspersed between the clips from each of these movies are scenes with zombies chasing women to a movie theater and scenes of the zombies in the theater watching the same film clips that we are; I was particularly fond of the scenes that involve a little girl pestering one of the zombie theatergoers and the zombie projectionist fumbling around with a film reel. In effect, it’s like watching a series of Youtube clips stitched together into a kind of best-of compilation. When the film was made in 1986, this would have been a cool for the hardcore horror film buffs that couldn’t get their hands on the original movies or only wanted to see the gore and nudity. However, nowadays,you can get those same movie clips on Youtube or find the whole movie on DVD or streaming on Netflix. No doubt I am fond of ravenous zombies and naked women, but even those together aren’t enough to carry Zombiethon. Even though the movie is composed of only the good bits, the good bits don’t add up to much without an overall narrative to hold them together. Without the story, it’s just an hour or so of seemingly random scenes one after the other. Story is important, even in a movie where Nazi zombies chase skinny-dipping teenagers. Zombiethon is an okay film, but there are better ways to watch the films/film clips that it’s made of.

~ by vincentwolfram on February 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Zombiethon”

  1. I kind of liked Zombiethon, but they spent waaaaaay too much time on Zombie Lake.

  2. This has been in my queue for ages but I haven’t had a chance to watch. I figured it would be kind of like a The Simpsons clip show. 😉

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