The Lay of Skathen Nord: Canto II [cont’d, part 3]

Raven Fairlies:
“Your father was a man of worth.
I drink in praise of him today.
And may the Witch King’s castle burn
After he and his army are slain.”

Though Raven was startled by the thought
That Skathen worked for Tartaria’s king,
She knew he was no royal cop
And wouldn’t jail her like a fink.

He fought for vengeance and for honor.
She knew that she could trust his word.
When looking in his eye she saw
His loyalty was well assured.

Raven Fairlies:
“Then let us go through the Elder Woods
And find the blacksmith you will need.
I will not fight for the kingdom’s good,
But I shall help you cross the sea.”

So Skathen paid the silver owed
To Raven Fairlies before they left.
They mounted their steeds and forward rode
From the tavern and burning bodies reft.

The sun climbed higher every hour.
The day grew hotter as time progressed.
Skathen grimaced, Raven loured,
And both had yearned for the woods for rest.

Soon their respite was in sight.
A canopy of trees hung over
The road, obscuring the burning light,
Entreating the two to take repose.

Though Skathen urged the pirate on
To ride until they reached the town,
Raven dismounted with a yawn
And chose a shady spot to sit down.

Despite his words, she took her rest
Beneath the darksome forest trees.
All of a sudden, Skathen oppressed
With weariness near fell asleep.

It was as if the shady forest
Encouraged them to sit and lounge.
In fact it seemed a sinister force
Haunted the shady resting grounds.

He didn’t know what dark enchantment
The forest held that made him weary,
But Skathen struggled against entrapment,
From being snared by eternal sleep.

~ by vincentwolfram on March 22, 2013.

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